2020 AGM(annual general meeting)

The following are the minutes from this years AGM, Adam Corrigan(chair) and Frank Goodman(Treasurer) presided over the meeting:

1. Welcome and Introduction.
Adam Corrigan gave a brief introduction to the work of the Committee and the development of the Hall for the attendees. Adam also explained that the meeting should have taken place in June but due to COVID restrictions at that time it has not been possible until now.

2. Apologies for absence from Trustees and Committee Members. There were none.

3. Approval of Minutes of 2019 AGM. These were approved.

4. Trustees Report
Compared to the 2018/19 period the improvements to the hall have been fewer, due to financial constraints.
The improvements completed this year are;

  • Kitchen renovation complete and new cooker installed (Thanks to Darrens Cars for generous donation of the cooker)
  • Toilets repainted.
  • 28 new fire safe fold up chairs installed (thanks to Tesco Bags of Help
  • Portable modular staging acquired by GLAD for use in hall events.
  • Protective door added to old fire escape to prevent hall users from going onto condemned fire escape.
  • Remodelling of upstairs bar to accommodate storage.

In the early part of the reporting period the hall was being used regularly on a daily basis with sometimes two events on weekdays and the hall was covering its costs and making a small profit. This, of course, came to a crashing halt in mid-March with lockdown. The hall has managed to survive financially due to low overheads and an adequate amount of money in the bank. Since being allowed to re-open the, regular use is returning though the size of the hall means that no more than 30 people can be in the hall at any one time and social distancing and safeguarding rules mean that private parties and large scale events or performances are not possible at present.

The hall is being made COVID safe after each event and we will continue to monitor Government guidelines and inform the community when such rules are relaxed/revoked.

The Lottery Bid for Gas Heating has been put on hold until October at the earliest due to the organisation focusing on the needs of groups badly hit financially by the COVID pandemic. We were invited to apply for a grant from the emergency fund but the criteria made it clear that the focus was on groups directly supporting those with disadvantages and immediate needs. Similarly, the plan to obtain a grant for solar panels has had to be shelved for the present.

Adam explained that he would be standing down as Chair now due to increased commitments in his personal life. He has enjoyed his time as Chair and learned much and met many interesting people from the village during his three years as Chair, he will continue to support the hall as much as possible.

5. Finance Report

The audited report and accounts show a balance as at 6th June 2020 of £1812.41 with expenditure of the year exceeding income by £743.35. The current balance as at 3rd September is £1,766.58 showing the beginnings of a recovery from the lockdown period.

6. Election of Committee Officers and Committee Members. Those re-standing for 2020/21;

As per the Hall constitution requirements two trustees are resigning (Adam Corrigan and Frank Goodman) and one new trustee has applied to be appointed (Sue Goodman). Sue’s appointment was approved. During the meeting Lesley Smith also agreed to be nominated and her appointment was approved by those gathered.

With respect to the Management Committee, Adam Corrigan is resigning as Chair. Steve Sheasby has resigned as Treasurer and Frank Goodman has accepted to take his place subject to ratification. Frank will then resign as Secretary.
Frank was elected as Treasurer and Claire Webber agreed to take the post of Secretary both appointments were approved by the meeting. The post of Chair will remain vacant for the present. The hall constitution does not require that a Chair needs to exist only that someone is nominated to chair at each Trustee meeting.

The list of Trustees and Committee members for 2020/1 is as follows;

Committee Members

Frank thanked Adam and Steve for their work as officers on the Management Committee. It was agreed to not set a date for the next committee meeting at this point and to wait until there was a significant development that required discussion and agreement. The delayed date of this year’s AGM means that the next one can be between June and September. A decision on when will be taken when the operational climate is clearer regarding the pandemic.