Progress for the floor

After two long weekends and help from many members of the management committee and a small number of volunteers from the community, the floor in the upstairs hall has seen a major change. Gone are the tired, dark carpets, small dance floor, random vinyl and metal strips. The original floor boards that older members of the community may remember dancing on, have been revealed. They have been sanded and then a varnish has been applied. In the coming weeks a second coat will be added to help protect this historic aspect of the hall.

The removal of the previous floor will allow a wider range of activities to be safely organised and has the added benefit of lightening the overall feel of the room.

Some have asked why a new floor has not been laid as there are marks on the floor boards and not all the previous stain could be removed. The main reason for this is that with heating still being a funding priority for the committee, there will come a time that the floor will be need to be pulled up in places to remove the now unusable pipes. Therefore it was decided that rather than wasting money, we would do something to help make the hall more usable and easier to clean for the mean time and re-address the floor covering once all heating issues have been addressed.

From a personal view point and one echoed by others who have seen the work that has been done, I think that some of the character of the hall has been restored and it feels more like a usual large hall. I would like to thank everyone who gave up their time, it could not have happened without you and I look forward to completing the next project which is the revitalising of the kitchen and it’s facilities.

Thank you

Adam Corrigan (Chair of the management committee.)