Open day success and the immediate future.

Last week we held several open events, inviting other local groups to attend.  A good time was had by all as many members of our great community came to find out what was happening in the hall and give their thoughts about it’s future.  It is very encouraging to see so much interest in the hall’s future.  So far we have seen 52 of the leaflets dropped in the doorways returned with your thoughts about events to hold. If you haven’t done so already fill out and drop it in, we are very interested in everyone’s thoughts.  If you had not received a leaflet(or thrown it out as junk mail) then there are more available from the hall, pop during a Thursday coffee morning and pick one up.  Today we have the great Neythen Woolford in the upper hall putting in some heating to carry us through the Autumn/Winter months and in our next meeting on the 24th at 8p.m. we will be finalising a colour scheme for the upper hall and arranging a voluntary work schedule to get the work done.  It’s time to show the hall some love and make it more inviting to everyone. As ever we appreciate your support and feedback.