The doors are opening

Hello everyone. After a long and bizarre few months and after having absorbed the constantly changing guidelines, the hall is beginning to re-open. Two of our previous regular bookings: Michelle’s Yoga and Mike’s Athlefit will be the first back. As you are all likely aware, there are some changes to how the hall can currently be used, with reduced numbers, increased cleaning and other factors. The committee has ensured that we are doing the actions that are necessary and will ensure that there is a good supply of hand sanitiser and cleaning products for use. Anyone looking to use the hall should be aware that due to our small size/turnover we cannot afford regular cleaning so some of this will fall on hirer’s although it’s mostly just a variation on the previous hirer’s agreement, with a little common sense. If you would like to book the hall you can complete a contact form on the website or call 01822 834265 leave a message and someone will be in touch. We hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you all in the hall at some point in the future.