Calling all local tradesmen and craftsmen – Help needed to create a better Village Hall

Recently we have been gathering information about possible uses for the lower half of the hall and how it will run alongside expansion of the use of the upstairs area.  There was a common theme to the feedback that suggested that a multi-functional space was required that could host a variety of activities including but not restricted to: youth clubs, group cafes, meetings and training; different to the more open space upstairs.  With that in mind, the plan is to change the current bar area into a publicly accessible cafe space, which groups can hire. This will including comfortable seating and tables as well as all of the elements that would be needed to serve(not cook) food and drinks.  What is currently the kitchen would be turned into a room for private meetings and the back areas(cellar) would be used for storage.  This is a large job that will require opening the old windows back up for some natural light, changing the flooring as well as updating the toilets and furniture.  To achieve this we will need to source a considerable amount of funding and will tie it in with a complete renovation project that will also update the toilets; kitchen and flooring upstairs, create a small usable bar for hire and again create some much needed storage.  Before we can apply for funding on such a large scale we will need to create plans and get costings for the various work that will be required. To achieve this we are looking for people within our wonderful community who can lend their expert knowledge, whether you have been involved with project management, funding or any of the building work that will be required. If you are such a person and would like to help, or know someone who could, please get in touch. We will certainly be looking to get all of the work done by local tradesman where possible.  This is a large project and it will not be easy, but it’s completion would add a lot to our community and secure the hall for future generations. And as they say, many of hands make light work.

You can email me at, via Face book under Adam Richard Corrigan or via phone on 07846 871981.

Many thanks for your continued support